Cambrie, 21

Babes! Here is my transformation! It took me years to figure out they most effective way to eat and workout! Through my fat burning meal plan, and muscles toning workouts, I'm certain that you'll be that much closer to the beach body of your dreams!



Megan, 17

“The first time I began to struggle with my weight was when I was 7. When I turned 13 is when It really got out of hand. That’s when I found out that I was pre diabetic due to my poor food choices and lack of exercise. I was so unhappy with myself, couldn’t figure out how to eat and found myself in an unhealthy bindge cycle. I was at my lowest and didn’t know what to do. A few months later I found Cambrie! My friend recommend that I contact her and do training once a week. I started doing private training with her once a week, and following her meal plan. Cambrie made working out and eating well fun, and I actually looked forward to It! Cambrie had told me that with working out and following her meal plan, I would see a huge change and she was absolutely correct. I started eating smaller meals consistently, drinking more water, and exercising. The results I have seen in my body are unreal. I feel like a different person and am for once actually happy with myself.”